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Sunday, October 24, 2010

El Cine

Buenos tardes,

Last night I made my first trip to the movie theater here in Spain. What a blast! Teresa was away for the weekend with some of her German friends from class on a climbing adventure - so Natalie and I decided to go out to the movies to see Paranormal Activity 2.

I love everything about this movie theater. First, the tickets are not that expensive. Second, the popcorn is amazing!!! Third, the seats are incredibly comfortable. Natalie and I both agree that American movie theaters should be more like this.

The other unique thing about television and film here in Spain - there are no subtitles. Translation is done using "dublada" or voice-over. In fact, most Spanish people recognize the voices and even have favorites. I prefer this when watching television or movies. Subtitles can be distracting and aren't as useful in helping me practice my Spanish.

Overall, the night was a success. Although, I must say, the movie left me pretty terrified. I'm sure we will be going again!

Hasta luego!


  1. Alicia,you are certainly taking in a lot. Please be careful.


  2. I heard the movie was frightful!!!!!!! Take it easy, look forward to hearing from you soon!!! Love, MOM!!!