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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Are there night birds? There is no climbing wall in the city.


Primero - let me explain the title of this entry. My friend Theresa, the one from is Alaska, is currently sitting on the bench next to me skyping. As I mentioned last time, her parents are biologists/park rangers. Mind you, she hasn't spoken to her parents at all except to tell them that she got here safely. The first question her mom asked her was the following: "are there night birds?" LOL Later, her father asked if there was a climbing wall in the city. LOLZ.

Segundo - I am not an expert, but each day I am becoming more and more convinced that Spain is experiencing a baby boom. I mentioned that Madrid was the city of love, but nothing compares to Cadiz. Everyone here is paired up. From the five year old kids to the old people. Love is in the air! Every young couple has children and the majority of women we have seen here are pregnant. Natalie and I are convinced that it is a national epidemic. Honestly, we have never seen anything like it.

Cutest father and son ever. Notice the little naked boy with swimmies!

Ok, now to the good stuff! We are sitting in our favorite spot - La Plaza Mina. Honestly, I have never been happier. Natalie and Theresa feel the same way. We sit here in smile. Between 6 and 8 pm is the best time to come. All of the families are out. Children of all ages are playing - roller skates, bikes, skateboards, jump rope. Dogs are walking around. Old couples are strolling arm in arm. This place is just a microcosm of the city, and Spain in general. Its a very social, family oriented place from what we have seen.
Cute little boy in La Plaza Mina
La Plaza Mina

Now time for a play-by-play of the day! I had to get up early for a quick trip to the doctor. Between the jet lag and climate change, I have a bit of a cold. I got some medicine at the pharmacy but I haven't taken it. Going to the beach today helped a ton and I don't even think I need it.

Carmen and her husband then walked me to the beach to meet up with Natalie and Theresa. I took a little stroll by myself to buy a beach towel. Thank god the people here are so friendly or I never would have found a place to buy one!

The beach here is nothing short of FABULOUS! The highlight - - -  SEA GLASS!!!!!!!!!! You all know how much I love sea glass and I never thought I would find it here! In Rhode Island it is so hard to find! But here, it was everywhere. I filled a plastic bag and each day I go to the beach, I am going to add to the collection. I hope to get in touch with the woman in Narragansett that I know who makes the sea glass jewelery. I plan on making several pieces (pendants, earrings, bookmarks, bracelets) for everyone and giving them as gifts! Natalie and Theresa had never seen sea glass before but they sure got a kick out of collecting it with me! We had a blast. The sand is wonderful - it feels like velvet. The water is incredibly warm and the air is so pure. Honestly, there is no place like it. You can't help but feel happy there.

Sea glass collection: Day 1
The girls on the beach

We took the long way home, walking along the coast. The water is every shade of blue, its impossible to describe and no picture could do it justice. We saw a bride standing on the street corner all done up in the most beautiful dress I have ever seen in my life. We came upon the wedding party a block ahead, and then we came to the church where there was an old car waiting. We haven't learned much about weddings here, but it appears that the family waits for the bride and then they all processes to the church.

Car for the wedding - wish we could have gotten a picture of the bride!

Then we had lunch and met one of Encarna's daughters and her husband. Such nice people and very family oriented. We rested for a bit and then met up with Theresa for a trip to El Corte Ingles (the shopping center) It is only a 3 minute bus ride away in the new part of Cadiz. We scoured the supermarket and bought lots of chocolate, pretzels, and NUTELLA! Encarna thinks we are crazy, but we can't live without it here!

Then it was back to the house for a light dinner (soup) and then Encarna took us down the street to a little candy shop that her family owns. She brought soup to her granddaughter that works there. Natalie and I had a BLAST in this store. Oh my god, there were so many interesting things there! Encarna and Monica could not stop laughing at us - they must have thought we were nuts, but we didn't care. I am going to go crazy picking out candy to bring home for everyone. Connor and Collin - you will love all of the sour candies they have here. Andrew is going to love the variety of sunflower seeds. And everyone else - there are so many delicious types of Ferrier Roche here - not just chocolate like in the states.

So that was the day. Tomorrow, we are all going to the beach. Encarna is going to make us bocadillas (little sandwiches) so we can stay there all day instead of having to come home for lunch. We are very much looking forward to tomorrow! Oh, and our brother Hugo is coming in tomorrow night, so I can't wait to meet him! And I can't wait for him to help me with my hair. My hair and the climate here don't get along too well!

Buenos noches. Besos y un abrazo

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